Call for Poster Presentations of Best Practices in Public Library Innovations

Call for Poster Presentations of Best Practices in Public Library Innovations


Are you doing an innovative program in your public library? Do you want to share it to other public librarians, individuals, and organizations who share the same interest?

Then, we are inviting you to submit your work through a Poster Presentation at the 3rd INELIASEAN Convening in Vietnam on 21-24 November 2017.

Format Presentation

Your innovative program should be described on a printed poster or by photographs, graphics and pieces of text that you attach to the presentation panel.

For printed posters, the standard poster size of DIN A0 841mm wide x 1189mm high is the minimum size. It is recommended that a printed poster be no larger than 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

If you are using photographs, graphics and pieces of text, these  should also fit within the area of 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

Presenters of a poster are expected to be present on 27 November 2017 at 4:00 PM in order to explain their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they have available for  viewers of their poster. Each presenter can therefore only present one poster.

All Poster Proposals are subject to approval by the INELI-ASEAN Research Committee.

It is important that applicants describe how they intend to illustrate the project in the poster format. The poster has to be an experience in itself for the one who looks at it – and should show awareness of the format of a poster-session and its purpose.

Submission guidelines
Proposals should be sent to:

The INELI ASEAN Secretariat

Proposals must be submitted by 31 August 2017 and should include:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Abstract of no more than 400 words
  • Author(s) name, professional affiliation, postal address, e-mail address
  • A brief biographical statement of no more than 150 words.

The deadline is on 31 August 2017. Late applications will no longer be accepted.

Best Public Library Innovations Poster

At the 3rd Convening 2017, the INELI-ASEAN Research Committee will select the winner of the Best Public Library Innovations Poster based on the following criteria:

Look interesting and/or inspiring;

  • Look lively;
  • Lend itself to a poster session; is not too abstract;
  • Present new ideas or present an application of technology;
  • Appear to be clearly explained;
  • Not duplicate another poster, nor have the same presenter as another poster (a presenter must be present during the poster session to explain the poster to viewers);
  • Have a relationship to the theme required (i.e., public library innovation);
  • Have a clear library relevance or perspective;
  • Describe a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start.


Deadline for receipt of the application detailed description of the poster session is on 31 August 2017.

15 September 2017
INELI-ASEAN Research Committee will inform applicants of the final decision.

21 November 2017
Posters to be placed on presentation panels at the 3rd Convening in Vietnam.

24 November 2017
Poster session presentation at the 3rd INELI-ASEAN Convening.

Please contact: