Neriza D Oraba

Neriza Oraba
Head Librarian
Sentro ng Karunungan Library


Neriza is a licensed librarian with almost 9 years of experience in user services, administrative services, and technical services. She is able to work in and is experienced in both special library and public library. She possesses basic knowledge in ICT and able to use technology in enhancing library services and user library experience. She graduated at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Infor-mation Science and currently obtained 18 units of the Masters in Library and Information Science program in the same university. She passed the Career Service Examination for Sub-Professional level administered by the Civil Ser-vice Commission in 2007 and the Librarians Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulations Commission of the Philippines in November 2007.


 Rona C RemojoMa. Rona Celerio  Remojo
Librarian IV

San Pablo City Library

Ma. Rona Celerio Remojo entered the City Government of San Pablo in 1998 as a Confidential Assistant of one of the City Councilors for six years. Her duties include assisting the councilor in the formulation of the proposed city ordinances and resolutions, and conducting research which regards to policies and plans in aid of legislation. In 2005, she finished her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science at Baliuag University and passed the professional licensure examination for librarians. She started to work as librarian at San Pablo City Library. Her cur-rent work focuses on engaging patrons through outreach and promotion of library services.


Marween Terry E Pascual Marween Terry Pascual
Librarian I
San Jose City Library & Information Center


Terry became Librarian I at San Jose City Library & Information Center in 2003 and has been in the Local Government Unit for 12 years. Back then, the library was merely providing readers’ services; but so much has changed since then. Terry earned her Master in Library & Information Science at Baliuag University in 2004. She is the team leader in the various programs and activities of the office especially the outreach activities. She spear-headed the Arts & Crafts and Storytelling activity in a school. She piloted the Hatid Dunong Program for PWD’s dubbed as “Special Home Study Program for PWD’s” and “Tutoring and Mentoring of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL). She has attended various national conferences relating to library management and services. She is an officer of the Nueva Ecija Librarians’ Association, Inc. (NELAI) and a member of the Association of Librarians in the Public Sector (ALPS).


Maria Vida C Aparicio Maria Vida Aparicio
Congressional Librarian

Bohol Congressional District Library


Maria Vida Cloma-Aparicio is the head librarian of the Balilihan/Bohol Congressional District Library affiliat-ed and supervised by NLP since September 2008. It was a calling for Maria Vida to serve the public through the field of Librarianship since her mother was a former provincial librarian and she grew up in a library environment. After passing the board exam for librarians in 2003, she committed herself to serve the academic institution from 2004-2007 but her heart remains to be in public service with a bigger challenge and role to supervise the congressional library in 2008.


Mariline B Sawey Mariline B. Sawey
Librarian I
Benguet Provincial Library


Mariline B. Sawey joined the working force of Benguet Provincial Library in 2008 as Librarian I. She is respon-sible in the management of information and various resources of the library and attends to library patrons concerns, such as, locating and utilizing information. She is a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology and Master of Science in Biology holder. She took up library units and successfully passed the licensure examination for librarians. She is currently enrolled in Master of Library and Information Science program. She is actively involved in various library organizations and conducts seminar and workshop on basic library organization and management to the ba-rangay and municipal librarian–designates of their province leading to the establishment of barangay and municipal libraries.