Aung Than Htut

AungThan Htut

Intensity Library in Myanmar


Aung Than Htut established a community library named “Intensity’’ in December 2001, a spin-off of the In-tensity English Language Center he established in 1998. In the Center, the students have to practice English through presentations, discussions, and talk shows. Aung eventually realized that he could teach the students how to speak English, but not what to discuss. They need to read books to be able to discuss something. Thus, Aung started collecting books for students to borrow. His book collection build up to become a small library with 400 books. Aung soon trained from librarians in American Center Mandalay, who taught him about library and library management. He joined MBAPF and took further training for IT and e library.


Aye Suu NaingAye Su Naing
Assistant Librarian

Century Lamp Library

Aye Su Naing started working at the Century Lamp Library in 2011, first as a secretary and then as an assis-tant librarian. As a secretary, she is involved in preparing financial criteria, drafting disciplinary measure, and making decisions. As an assistant librarian, she helps in searching books for members, maintains books, teaches computer to students and use of tablets to children, read stories to students, publishes “Bud” (School Journal) for students, and helps the chief librarian in his tasks. In 2011 and 2012, she attended the “Librarian Training”. She also joined the My-anmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) training for IT. Now, there are 3 tablets available in the Cen-tury Lamp Library with the donation of MBAPF.


Than Tint Aung Than Tint Aung
Young Chi Thit Library

Than Tint Aung passed the Matriculation on 2000 and joined the University of Distance of Education, Magway. He left for Malaysia for a shore-job in 2002 and worked there until 2012. He established a public library in his native village on 2013 and contacted Myanmar Library Association. That library is now running well. With the Aid of Save the Children UK, he founded an Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre in his village in 2013. He attended courses on Library New Services and Technology at Community Library arranged by Beyond Access Myanmar Project (Including the topic: tablet changes the Library) and Digital Information Literacy for Community and Public Librarians arranged by Beyond Access Myanmar and University of Washington on 2015. He is very eager to help the children, youths, and adults in his own and nearby villages to get up-to-date knowledge.