Chantha Souliyasack
Director, Luangprabang Library
Sisavang Vong Road Luangprabang Province


Phay van Oudomnakhonsy Phay van Oudomnakhonsy
Librarian staff section
Savannaket Provincial Library


I worked at Savannakhet Library on 2007 and was worked at the Cataloging Section, and right now I graduated  a Master’s degree in Education in Library Science at Hanoi University. On 2008 I joined with SIDA Project in Viet Nam three months on subject training for trainer to develop public library and school library and remote area in Savannakhet province. I worked more activities for children to help them available to read books and joined reading promotion. I was trainer to help staff library to develop children to read more and come to library.


Khanphathat ManothamKhanphathat Manotham
Library service officer
National Library of Laos (NLL)


Khanphathat Manotham has worked at the National Library of Laos (NLL) since October 1, 2007 in the Cataloguing Section. Her responsibilities include managing the National Bibliography, coordinating the classification scheme for all books in the National Library’s collection, and establishing a national Lao language library cataloging standard for all Lao Libraries. She has also designed, developed, and implemented catalogue training for school li-braries and other libraries in Laos. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree on English Teaching from the National Uni-versity of Laos in 2007. Since commencing work at the national library, Khanphathat has attended many training workshops and conferences both in Laos and in other countries.


Library Officer
National Library of Laos

A library and information services professional currently working at the National Library of Laos. Phoukham graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (English) from the National University of Laos in 1998 before moving to Japan to study Japanese language for two years at the YMCA International Language School in Fukuoka, Japan. She also completed an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Fukuoka. In 2009, Phoukham returned to Laos to take up a position as a Library officer at the National Library of Laos in Vientiane.


Khammeesook HoungsophaKhammeesook Houngsopha
Deputy Director of Vientiane Public Library
Vientiane Public Library (VPL)


Joined Vientiane Public Library on the December 15th 2009 for assistant of Children and adult Reading section of Vientiane Public Library, also responsible for books borrowing and Reading Promotion activity inside and outside activity.